My husband Charles and I live in Homer, Alaska. We have filled our 30 years together with raising our children, Graham and Elizabeth, camping, fishing and harvesting wild edible and medicinal plants.   

My early days in the forests and fields of rural Hudson River Valley in upstate New York taught me a love of nature that that has sustained me though out my life. It has led to a long and varied career as an conservationist, in sustainability and ultimately to my work in healing and Celtic tradition.

After working as staff for Rain Magazine: A Journal of Appropriate Technology in Portland Oregon and founding director Alaska Alternative Energy Resource Center at the Alaska Center for the Environment, spirituality emerged as a primary force in my life. My path was guided from one outstanding teacher to another:   Grandmother Bernice Falling Leaves, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Rosalyn Bruyere, The Center for Intentional Living Program in Depth Psychology and establishing a healing practice in 1994 as a nationally certified body worker. In time the need for healing ancestral trauma and the earth-centeredness of indigenous heritage called me to a Masters of Arts from Alaska Pacific University focused in Psychology and Tradition Knowledge and a PhD with Wisdom University in Wisdom Spirituality and Celtic Traditions. Not surprisingly, my work centers on the power to heal the whole self, including one’s family, community, the natural world and our ancestors.