Healing as a Way of Being

Photo by Kptan123/iStock / Getty Images

What if your life were really connected to the things that are important to you?

Do you wonder about the world our children will inherit and how we can prepare them for what lies ahead?

Do you wish you has access to indigenous ancestral knowledge that came from your own heritage?


In the AnamCara Program, you will answer the above questions for yourself experientially. As you do, you will heal layers of separations that you may have lived with your whole life – from your body, your heart, your loved ones, your spirit, your heritage and the Circle of Life.

 Throughout the program, we will journey through the Vedic chakra system, we focus dynamically on each of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. We revisit our own growing against the backdrop of cutting edge developmental psychology, traditional indigenous knowledge and  related energy healing skills.  It is an introspective retreat in a supportive community where you can let your defenses down safely to uncover your true nature. The result is an embodied knowledge of yourself and what it is to be a whole human being living in an interconnected, interdependent sacred world.   

Student Experience

AnamCara students have found the combination of teaching, discussion and experiential exercises is truly valuable.   This give and take builds an important sense of community where we stop, really listen, and cultivate mindful presence.  We work in company with our spiritual community using energy healing skills, movement, art, guided visualization and meditation to bring together the threads of our selves and greater purpose.   With the combined power of presence and intention we heal and make choices for new directions in our lives.

Healing by definition removes energetic blocks that obstruct our true nature. As we heal, the doorways of perception open naturally. Our interconnection with all life now becomes tangible as the relationship with Nature and Spirit becomes a personal and intimate reality.


Each unit concludes with a sacred ceremony that integrates the teaching in a personal and individual way.  It is a direct experience of the power and mystery of spirit in our lives that many students have found to be “amazing, powerful and transformational”. 

You can have the life you yearn for.  You can belong to something meaningful. You can live your life’s purpose here and now.