When there is no where else to turn, turn inward. Enter into the sacred silence of your soul and ask for healing, guidance and personal peace
— Michaiel Bovenes


Energy healing is the most ancient of practices. It is found everywhere, in all cultures not yet dominated by the scientific model. Some use music or drums and rattles, others, ceremony or, as in my work, voice and laying on of hands. All gather, amplify and direct energy frequencies for healing. All rely on an understanding that there is an unseen world, a Great Mystery, whose subtle energies exist in as great and wondrous a complexity as the natural world.

On the human level, the body, mind and spirit are not separate, but deeply interdependent aspects of being. Each of these components of being finds its expression in the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies as a complex web of light and color. This human energy field contains the pattern for our physical body, literally the template upon which our cells grow. It is also where our emotional, mental and spiritual states of being reside; each with its distinctive frequencies and patterns of light, color, sound and feeling. All levels of being interpenetrate each other. There is a constant flow of energy through this field that nourishes and vitalizes our body, mind and spirit.

Research at UCLA, Harvard, the Menninger Clinic and others have demonstrated the existence of the human energy field and further, that physical illness often has underlying emotional, mental and spiritual issues. There is an energetic component to all disturbances in our well being. Injury, trauma, even unhealthy physical or emotional habits will block, congest, and distort the flow of energy or life force that nourishes our organs and tissues. In energy healing we realign the energy field, restoring balance, harmony and coherence. The results can be profound with wide ranging effects on all areas of health. It’s almost as though the body were able to remember “Oh yes, that’s how I’m supposed to be.”

For physical injuries, such as sprains, bone breaks, or surgery, realigning the field can bring significant relief in swelling, pain, the feeling of trauma and a correspondingly dramatic decrease in the time needed for recovery. With illness, energy healing can reduce symptoms, pain, the need for medication, side effects of chemotherapy, strengthen the immune system and rebalance an organ or an entire organ system so that it functions in greater harmony. Over time, restoring the energy field will support the body’s innate ability to rebuild health.

For grief, loss, abuse or emotional crisis, energy healing gently supports the release and transformation of feelings that may have held us hostage for some time. We can then unravel the unhealthy habitual patterns that have compelled our lives in ways that do not serve our highest good or happiness. Fear holds most of us in its grip...fear of abandonment, commitment, success, and failure. Deepest of all is the fear that, at the core of our being, we are as bad as we feel we are in our worst moments. We are not our feelings. All feelings are divine and serve to inform us about the nature of our experience. In truth, it is not which feelings that we have, but what we do with those feelings that determine our character and our success in life.

The cords of relationship, or heartstrings, that connect us to our loved ones carry the essence of the relationship. Once these tangled, broken chords are cleared, the relationship is free to find greater balance, harmony and intimacy.

Much of the illness, isolation, depression and heartache of our time reflects a kind of spiritual poverty. In renouncing the unseen, the modern world has divorced itself from one half of life. Much of the spiritual world has been abandoned, leaving us without a greater context in which to find meaning. Our wounds are not capricious, but a spiritual call to healing that will foster the development of our uniqueness and the fulfillment of our soul’s purpose. The essence of energy healing is the experience of divine grace. It lends clarity and support when we are faced with otherwise senseless pain and awakens the awe and wonder that comes with spiritual opening and experience of the spiritual realms.

Energy Healing is useful for disorders such as:

feeling emotionally stuck
loss of life’s purpose
sense of powerlessness
death and dying issues
spiritual crisis
abuse of any kind
vocational uncertainty
spiritual poverty
chemotherapy and radiation
support and recovery

chronic and acute illness
pre and post surgery
gynecological problems
physical injury
emotional trauma
early childhood issues
irrational fears
relationship issues


About the session

After an interview, I will do a visual and intuitive assessment of your well-being. Then using a combination of energy balancing techniques such as chakra clearing and repair, aura restructuring and alignment, spiritual surgery, soul retrieval, vocal toning, guided imagery and bio-magnetic pair therapy, I will assist your innate ability to balance, integrate and heal the energy field. I will help you understand how you habitually utilize energy and coach you in grounding and aligning yourself better. Our goal will be to uncover and transform the fundamental causes of illness and unhappiness. I am able to work long distance. A one hour session is $80. A sliding scale is available to those in need.